Secrets of the mirror


作者:author, YY Tan;editor, 5 Elements Crew;illustrator, YS Crew


出版社:Young Scientists Pte Ltd


集叢名:The science inquirer series,Energy:Level 3



分類:兒童學習  英文書  

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Energy makes changes and movements possible in everyday life. Man uses various forms of energy for many different purposes. Man is not the only animal that needs energy, all living things obtain energy and use it to carry out life processes. Understanding this theme will allow students to appreciate the importance and uses of energy and the need to conserve it.

  • Energy
  • Secrets Of The Mirror
  • The Wonder Of Light
  • The Mystery Of Shadow
  • So , That’s 3-D Movie !
  • World’s Largest Solar Ship
  • Solar Ark
  • The Solar City
  • Flood And Ebb Tides
  • A Football That Generates Electricity
  • Vibration Energy To Harness Electricity
  • A Cellphone That Operates On Fizzy Drinks
  • Electricity From Onions ?
  • The Carnivorous Robotic Lamp
  • Skyrunner
  • Expand ... Contract